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Payment Policy

Unless stated otherwise by Seedbuilders, all students pay an upfront which is determined by Seedbuilders.

Students are required to pay the remaining balance before commencement of the class or failing to do that, two weeks after classes have commenced. Students should notify seedbuilders if they’re paying partially for a course with a third-party paying the balance later on.

Note: If you are learning with  Seedbuilders on scholarship, your sponsor is expected to make full payment on enrollment.

Payment Plans

At Seedbuilders we possess flexible payment plan options available for students interested in paying for their program in multiple instalments. You’ll pay 70% before commencement of the class with balance to be paid upon class commencement or 10 working days.

Default Sanction

Seedbuilders is liable to take up legal prosecution if you default on your repayment for 30 consecutive days

Attendance Policy

  • Participants should attend all their classes on time, ready to learn.
  • If a participant is prevented from attending class because of sickness or other unavoidable and legitimate causes, it is the responsibility of the participant to notify the academy of his / her absence.
  • Only participants with a minimum of 85% attendance and a completed capstone project will be awarded certificate of completion.

Reschedule of class

  • Seedbuilders reserve the right to reschedule a class but any rescheduling will be given prior notice at least 24 hours before class schedule.